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Project Overview

This Web portal provides selected resources associated with an ongoing research project that examines the historical development of Canadian media companies. The project addresses five major questions: 1) What role have the structure and performance of the Canadian, U.S., and international media markets played in the companies' development and activities? 2) What role have domestic and foreign regulatory policies as well as subsidy programs played in shaping the development of the companies? 3) What role have entrepreneurial skills played in shaping the development of the companies? 4) How successful have the companies been in the emerging global media marketplace? and finally, 5) What, if any, lessons can be drawn from the companies' experiences in the Canadian, U.S., and international media markets?

The project initially focused upon media corporations based in Toronto, Ontario; specifically, Alliance Atlantis Communications and its predecessor companies. However, it has since expanded to include companies throughout Canada.


Canada's Media Industries Timeline: 2000 to Present


Canadian Communications and Telecommunications Acts


Acronyms and Abbreviations (Last updated September 11, 2009)


Canadian Production Companies (Past and Present) (PDF file)


Canadian Distribution Companies (1950s and 1960s)


Copyright Resources (PDF file; last updated September 10, 2009)


Canadian Film and Television Industries Bibliography (PDF file; Last updated August 2, 2007)

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